Bernadette Balla

In 2009, Bernadette Balla became the quality assurance manager for Twitch, the wildly popular video and gaming streaming platform. Now that the start up in Silicon Valley has been acquired by Amazon, she is eagerly anticipating her next opportunity for professional advancement, transitioning from a start-up company to a corporate world. Bernadette Balla’s approach to her career is strongly influenced by her involvement in yoga, meditation, and spirituality.

Bernadette Balla primarily practices four different types of meditation: binaural beats, Vippasana, mantra meditation, and mindfulness meditation. It was her involvement with meditation that inspired her to follow the guidance of a book by Marie Kondo titled The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever. She was able to de-clutter her crowded studio apartment, replacing quantity with quality and transforming her living space into one characterized by minimalist design and a positive, vibrant energy.

In addition to meditation, Bernadette Balla counts dancing and working out among her favorite recreational activities, and enjoys such activities as reading, attending concerts, and watching movies for relaxation. She enjoys spicy food, especially Indian, and is always interested in discovering new cuisine. Balla also enjoys traveling on her own, and recently completed a three-week stay in London.

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